Set Construction

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While the new Club Nineteen set was being constructed in the WXIX studio . (They called it Studio A. I don't know why since there was no Studio B, C, or D. But because there was only one studio it meant Club nineteen was shot in the same studio as the shows I watched as a kid like Larry Smith Puppets, and the Cool Gouhl. I was thrilled to be using the same studio.

ANYWAY… during that time, we shot Club Nineteen on and around the set while it was under construction. This meant there were piles of 2x4s stacks of Plywood and power tools just laying around for me to play with.

Even though wrote scripts for every thing I was going to say during the breaks between every cartoons and every commercials I couldn't help but improv. Especially with all these "props" laying around. While taping the Woody Woodpecker segments that month I picked up a scrap of wood and and said, "I have an idea."

The crew knew me well enough by now that the words, "I have an idea" meant I wanted to do something that was not on the script and I probably wasn't going to tell them what it was. I just wanted them to roll the tape and see what happens.

The crew didn't always like it when I went "off script" But in their defense they had good reason because I had proven time and time again these sudden "ideas" of mine could be bad ideas, sometime real bad. But, this time it worked out great, thanks to Producer Karen Smith who added the sound effects in editing. She made this idea work.

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