The First Day

Club Nineteen 1st day  This photo was taken on the very first day of shooting Club Nineteen.

Two months before, I was living in Los Angeles working the top comedy clubs at night and auditioning for network Sit-coms during the day. Both my agent and my manager said they had no doubt I was going "make it."

They saw me, not as the star of a network TV show but, as a supporting role like Norm in "Cheers". All I wanted was to be the next Norm and they felt it was getting very close.

So when the general manager of WXIX called and asked me if I wanted host a local kids show on a UHF station in Cincinnati I said,...

"Hell Yes!!! "

This photo was taken four weeks later. In the photo, left to right, is Karen Smith Producer, David Ashbrock Executive Producer at WXIX, and me, "Cartoon Boy' the shows writer and host.

The set wasn't built yet so the first month we shot in the control room, using the switcher and all the monitors as the back ground.

Club Nineteen premiered on Monday, January 15th, 1990. It was Martin Luther King Day.

I recently found a box containing Club Nineteen Episodes on VHS tapes which I'm digitizing now,

I plan on posting the videos, along with photos and stories from Club Nineteen.

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